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Complete air purification for new composting plant

As a manure processing company, Compovit converts animal manure (solid fraction of pig manure and poultry manure) into compost, which is mainly exported to France. The compost is highly suitable for increasing or maintaining the organic matter in the soil. As a result of the company’s growth, they are opening a new production facility on the industrial estate in Diksmuide. CBgroep has already installed an air washer on the site in Veurne. Due to the proper functioning of this installation and the close follow-up, the province of West Flanders decided to grant the permit in Diksmuide in an equivalent manner. In CBgroep, the company found the ideal partner to equip their new production buildings with the best available techniques (BAT) in the field of air purification.


An overall package for Compovit

Start in the design phase

During the design phase of the new production halls, CBgroep joins the Compovit project and, together with the customer and the project developer, searches for the most suitable and cost-effective solution for the composting company. All parties involved are present at the first site meetings at which CBgroep, as an environmental technical partner, is responsible for the correct implementation of the best available purification techniques. For instance, we help to think about the necessary facilities in the structural work phase and we thoroughly study the plans in order to make optimum use of the available space.
During that design phase, we decide, together with the project developer and the customer, to install the air washers for the two production halls in one room. This allows both air washing units to use only one technical room. This is not only practical and space-saving, but also a saving on the investment.

Produced in Belgium and installed with expertise

In order to guarantee optimum air purification for Compovit’s activities at their new site, CBgroep has installed 2 air washers with a 3-stage function, controlled by 1 technical room located between the air washers. Both air washers were produced in-house by CBgroep and transferred to Diksmuide, together with the ducts for the air supply.
On site, the air washers and the technical room are welded together, installed and connected to the site. For example, all concrete drillings, electrical facilities and piping required for the operation of the air washers are provided on site by CBgroep.

To complete the installation, CBgroep also placed the acid tank and pipes in a separate room just above the cellars where the waste water from the air washers is collected. This waste water is purified by filter packages and reused for the further operation of the installation.

System monitoring and maintenance

The systems installed at Compovit are permanently monitored by CBgroep thanks to the PAS monitor. This enables us to detect and remedy any faults in the operation of the facility. Not only the technical functioning of the system is checked, but also the actual efficiency of the air purification system is provided by CBgroep.
In short: it is our mission to make sure that Compovit can purify without any worry.

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