8 advantages air washer anno 2018 such as zero odour nuisance

8 basic advantages air washer anno 2018:

  1.  Zero odour nuisance: neighbours and environment as a friend in times of scaling.
  2.  Heating and cooling in the summer through condensation energy: better stable climate, lower disease pressure, less heat stress, lower antibiotic use.  Cold nights and hot afternoons are levelled off.
  3.  Evaporative capacities and use of alternative feed water such as influent and drainage water.
  4.  Meets the latest European Standards (BREF 2017/302).
  5.  Silt-free: cleaning and standstill out of the question.
  6.  Stable operation and usable for different applications: as a fan for cattle or poultry, as well as in composting, drying or other organic polluted air.
  7.  Residual flows and energy consumption reduced by up to 90% with selective removal of nitrite from the washing water: less water waste, smaller rainwater collection, less nitrogen deposits and transport costs.
  8.  Automated, digital logbook: no unnecessary intervention of a technician, little administration and graphical representation of all parameters via the PASmonitor. Measurement results, samples and associated analyses, semi-annual reports and technical sheets at hand during screening.