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History of CBgroep


CBgroep has grown from a refrigeration company.  On 22 May 2007, Stijn Crombez became the manager of ‘Koeltechniek Degrave’.  From the need for more environmental-technical solutions in agriculture, the emphasis has gradually but completely shifted to ‘environmental techniques in air and water’.  2 April 2009 marked the start of ‘CBgroep’.

We have experienced strong growth in recent years.  Our team currently employs around 20 people, a doubling since its creation.

In addition, CBgroep is continuously innovating in technologies, both in agriculture and in industry.


Wat do we do?



CBgroep develops sustainable environmental solutions for agriculture and intensive livestock farming in particular.  We are mainly known for the production of air washers that reduce unpleasant odours and ammonia emissions.  The installations are among the most sustainable of their kind and today satisfy some 250 customers in Belgium.

Our technicians and researchers develop and build technical installations such as air washers, draineaters and heat exchangers.  More information can be found under the ‘Products’ menu. CBgroep produces, installs, monitors and takes care of the maintenance of all installations.


CBgroep works closely with various agencies and is constantly looking for new technologies.  Our years of experience enable us to offer solutions tailored to the customer.


AVECOM Steering and Optimizing Microbial Processes
Research partner and lab analyses for CBgroep
SOMMEN Technical solutions for the agricultural sector and industryManufacturer of climate computers for pigs and poultry houses in the Netherlands
VEMIS  Consortium knowledge-building air emission livestock farming
IWT LA traject BlesPigs  Stable techniques and management tools for the reduction of odour and particulate matter emissions in Flemish pig farming
 ILVO Instituut voor Landbouw- en VisserijonderzoekPAS-lijst en combinaties van maatregelen en technieken
INAGRO Research and advice in agriculture and horticulture Consultancy service air emissions, tackles odour and emission problems
VLM Flemish Land Agency Official Flemish legislation, list of ammonia low-emission stable systems (AEA list)
VCM Flemish Coordination Center Manure ProcessingAir purification techniques for manure processing and separators in particular
ODOMETRIC Research office and laboratory active in the field of air quality, Wallonia. Measures atmospheric odours and pollutants
UGENT Department of sustainable organic chemistry and technology Prof. Dr. H. Van Langenhove
OLFASCAN Recognized air expert
LNE Department of Environment, Nature and Energy






pdf-icoon  Aspects of sustainability of an airwasher with draineater